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You Can Own a Little Piece of Me

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Everybody claims to love art, but making a living as an artist will always be a challenge. Young artists at the beginning of their careers struggle with this daily. It's often why so much talent falls by the wayside. Artists have to eat because if you're 'starving' you are not making good art! Even established artists -like me- need to constantly self promote. So, with that in mind please take a look at the following to find out how you too can own a little piece of Robert Van Nood.

Mercury Calendar Art/ISMA Art - Dealership & Fan Base Print Opportunities


Or Anything Else

Since 1987 I have illustrated over 600 illustrations for Mercury Marine’s Canadian and worldwide dealership network. Over the course of time dealerships have used my pieces for many of their marketing applications. From magazine advertisements to greeting cards to tee shirts, and everything in between, Mercury dealers have found my illustrations to be an excellent creative choice capturing the attention of their target audience. Feel free ask me for more information.


I now offer Mercury dealerships and my fanbase a collector’s edition poster series. These are a great addition for the Man Cave or She Shed. I am offering a series of high-end, 22.5” X 34.5”, full colour posters featuring annual editions of my past calendar collection of entertaining boating illustrations. Prints will be signed by the artist. Be sure to follow this blog for updates. Mercury dealers are more than welcome to ask about customized special editions imprinted with their logo that their customers will love.


With over 600 illustrations to choose from, Mercury dealerships can offer their clients a customized 506-piece puzzle that includes custom logo/information overprinting. We can even do low print runs. Great for rainy days at the cottage, on the cabin cruiser, or in the man cave/she shed. They’re fun, colorful and entertaining. I’ll be happy to provide more information.


A great addition for the Man Cave, She Shed, Cottage or Clubhouse, I am offering a series of high quality 22” X 30” full colour posters. What I find cool is the art on these posters, unlike other representations, is the same size as the original paintings. The prints will be signed by me. They also make an excellent gift idea for your favourite snowmobiler. Recently I spoke to an Alaskan art gallery owner and she mentioned that there is very little in the way of snowmobile art available. Be sure to follow this blog for updates.


With 15 illustrations to choose from, I now offer snowmobile clubs and associations a high quality 1008 piece puzzle that includes a custom logo, information and messaging overprinting on the box. We can even do limited print runs at an affordable cost. They are a great for fundraising, event giveaways or prizes. They’re fun, colorful and, as all puzzlers know, really entertaining.

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